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How To Thread Your Eyebrows

I was forced to learn this when I first went here last 2010. I was too kuripot to have it done in the salons here (because they cost an arm and a leg!).

Step 1: Get a thread (not too long). I usually just guesstimate or do trial and error. Long threads make it harder to operate.

Step 2: Make a knot (best to do a double knot so it doesn't unravel during threading)

Step 3: I do not know how to call this so I'll just say "make an infinity kembular". This is done by twisting the thread on your right hand while the left hand stays still. The more the merrier.

Step 4: Place the thread over the eyebrows making sure that the hair you wanted to remove is after the "infinity kembular area" (big triangle). Note that the left forefinger and thumb are touching each other.

Step 5: Open left forefinger and thumb. At this point the "infinity" knots should have "razed" over the hairs (for lack of better term, sorry!). Achievement unlocked! Yipee!

So sleepy, time to go! 
Special thanks for ze husband's photography skills!

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