This blog was brought about by one and ONLY one thing - BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE.

Join my journey as a young housewife in another country armed only with limited articles of clothing and a good sense of practicality against the ever-changing four seasons. My personal challenge is to survive a year with just the things I came with. Emergency clothes purchases should not go above $10.

Help me by following my blog and holding me accountable on this self-imposed challenge.

Timer starts now!


DIY Shirt

This is one of my favorite shirts, because apart from versatility and design, it has sentimental value. The shirt was a Christmas gift by one of my girl bestfriends- Sharbs.

I remember how we were scouring Divisoria for our DIY Birdcage headbands when she saw the iron-on gems. She bought a tank top and voila! A very unique shirt created out of love and imagination =)

This shirt can go with anything, but today I decided to pair it with my high-waist pants for a chic look.  To break the monotony of black I wore my husband's gold watch (resized for me), white bangles and cocktail rings (some of which are gifted by, yep you guessed it, Jean and Rosz)

I also chose a Charles and Keith Yellow and Black strappy heels to have a splash of color at the bottom of the ensemble.

We're going later to the Canberra Show, so I'll probably change into my ballet flats for all the walking =)


As long as you're feeling Boho and not Baho =p

I just felt like being light and not too fussy today so I decided on slipping in my tube dress, a few bangles, scarf and slippers.

Why you should wear a dress:
1) You can eat all you want without undoing your buttons
2) You can go pee-pee without going through the hassle of unzipping, pulling down and zipping up again
3) It's airy on places that the sun doesn't shine on!

Tie dyed scarf gifted by an officemate; Jean and Rosz necklace

Pile 'em all up I say! Don't be scared!

Hello Shorty!

I've been sporting short hair ever since I was 16. The only time I grew it long was for my wedding (which was just this year!)- and "long" meant a safe one-length cut. I think my hair got "tampo" because prior to my cut when I was 16, my mane was up until my waist! (I know, I couldn't believe it myself! I'll look for photos from my mom to prove it!) So anyhoo, because of my hair's slow growth, I abstained from scissors for almost 8 months! I realized that if you have longer hair, conditioner should be part of your budget. I always thought my hair was thin because comparing it with my mom's, mine looked malnourished. Two stylist already told me that although my hair looks only a handful (therefore thin), it actually is healthy and thick strand-wise.

Erm, this is long hair for me

So you can only imagine what pure joy I felt when I finally had time to chop my hair off. As you know, hair services anywhere in the world (outside Manila) is expensive (by my standard =)), it took me a while to look for the most affordable hair salon around Canberra. Considering the language barrier (it's so hard to explain a particular cut when you can't use "ek-ek", "chenes" or "kembers" in a sentence), I had to research for photos of the haircut that I want (luckily, Jean and Rosz had an article about Ultra Short Cuts which you can read here).

Ashlee Simpson

Off I went to Just Cuts, Jenene was to be my stylist, I showed her the photo and told her that I want to tweak the look a bit by having no fringes at the back (it irritates me when it grows out because it looks like a chicken's ass), no blunt bangs (because my face is big as it is thank you very much), just a smooth side sweep that can be tucked easily in the ears (on days that you don't want to be blinded by your own hair). I was praying the whole time she was cutting (trust issues- I am so biased with Pinoy hairstylist because they are simply world-class), that she won't murder my hair and that she understood me clearly. Thank God, Jenene did not disappoint. I learned that communication was the key. You have to build rapport with the stylist, making sure you get your point across and the stylist in turn should know how to listen and consult. Jenene kept asking me as we go along if I am okay with the length before cutting more off.

Hey shorty!

All in all, I was happy because: 1)  I got the look I wanted at the price I can afford;  2) Wash and wear management and  3)No more CONDITIONER on the grocery list!

Perfect Red

Every woman, at one point in their life has been searching for the Perfect Red. It takes a lot of time to try to find the red lipstick that suits you. There are so many factors to consider before pouting for that stick if you don't want to be a walking clown. Skin tone, hair color and season are among them. I also used to think that red lipsticks are, well, just RED! I was wrong, a red lipstick has many undertones- yellow or orange based, purple, tawny,blue and even pink!

Here's a helpful article I found on the net to help you pick out your Perfect Red:


I found mine when I visited the local pharmacy 2 days ago =)

Rimmel's Red Fever


Where the wild things are

To tell you honestly I am not a big fan of mixing print on print. But today, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and be a little adventurous.

I paired the batik black and white printed jumpsuit (or onesies as I would call it- very similar to what infants wear) with black-plum-and-gray cardigan, both from Tightrope (each costs $3-$5 only!)

It turned out quite well. I topped the whole look with Harlow-inspired necklace from Jean and Rosz-- who by the way has a very strong ang cohesive collection without bleeding your wallet dry (check out their blog,

And to soften the whole look a bit, a studded-lavender sandals from Mario D' Boro (SM):


Onset of Autumn

I woke up today, reached on my bedside and checked the following:

1) Email Notifications
2) Pulse
3) Friend Stream for HTC
4) Weather Forecast.

Autumn is coming soon because it's starting to get cold especially in the mornings. I do not want to part with my shorts and sleeveless yet, so here's a compromise.

Headband: Bayo; Top from a bazaar: Cardigan gifted by my husband (Hong Kong night market); Yellow Shorts from Greenhills; Pink Tights from SM; Yellow Lace shoes from Shoebox