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Join my journey as a young housewife in another country armed only with limited articles of clothing and a good sense of practicality against the ever-changing four seasons. My personal challenge is to survive a year with just the things I came with. Emergency clothes purchases should not go above $10.

Help me by following my blog and holding me accountable on this self-imposed challenge.

Timer starts now!


Where the wild things are

To tell you honestly I am not a big fan of mixing print on print. But today, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and be a little adventurous.

I paired the batik black and white printed jumpsuit (or onesies as I would call it- very similar to what infants wear) with black-plum-and-gray cardigan, both from Tightrope (each costs $3-$5 only!)

It turned out quite well. I topped the whole look with Harlow-inspired necklace from Jean and Rosz-- who by the way has a very strong ang cohesive collection without bleeding your wallet dry (check out their blog,

And to soften the whole look a bit, a studded-lavender sandals from Mario D' Boro (SM):

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