This blog was brought about by one and ONLY one thing - BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE.

Join my journey as a young housewife in another country armed only with limited articles of clothing and a good sense of practicality against the ever-changing four seasons. My personal challenge is to survive a year with just the things I came with. Emergency clothes purchases should not go above $10.

Help me by following my blog and holding me accountable on this self-imposed challenge.

Timer starts now!


DIY Shirt

This is one of my favorite shirts, because apart from versatility and design, it has sentimental value. The shirt was a Christmas gift by one of my girl bestfriends- Sharbs.

I remember how we were scouring Divisoria for our DIY Birdcage headbands when she saw the iron-on gems. She bought a tank top and voila! A very unique shirt created out of love and imagination =)

This shirt can go with anything, but today I decided to pair it with my high-waist pants for a chic look.  To break the monotony of black I wore my husband's gold watch (resized for me), white bangles and cocktail rings (some of which are gifted by, yep you guessed it, Jean and Rosz)

I also chose a Charles and Keith Yellow and Black strappy heels to have a splash of color at the bottom of the ensemble.

We're going later to the Canberra Show, so I'll probably change into my ballet flats for all the walking =)


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  2. Hi kikayk8, where in divisoria in Manila did you buy those iron on gems? I want one for myself too!

  3. Hello random citizen! The shop's name is Morning Glory at Tabora St. =)