This blog was brought about by one and ONLY one thing - BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE.

Join my journey as a young housewife in another country armed only with limited articles of clothing and a good sense of practicality against the ever-changing four seasons. My personal challenge is to survive a year with just the things I came with. Emergency clothes purchases should not go above $10.

Help me by following my blog and holding me accountable on this self-imposed challenge.

Timer starts now!


i am back

I am back from a long hiatus.
After 6 years, and now i am back.

Stronger, better, wiser (hopefully) and happier.

What a journey it was from the last time i wrote here. A lot happened, some made me, others broke me. Most shaped me, some healed me. It was a wonderful roller coaster of a ride. Sugar and spice and everything nice.

Hopefully i would be able to write more and try to share what's been going on inside. I believe that this generation has reached a collective awareness... a collective consciousness.. a psyche revolution that awakens the senses and the mind. Challenging the impossible, pushing barriers, exploring uncharted waters and standing up for what you want.

Stay tuned! You will help me decide what to get for my next tattoo :)

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