This blog was brought about by one and ONLY one thing - BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE.

Join my journey as a young housewife in another country armed only with limited articles of clothing and a good sense of practicality against the ever-changing four seasons. My personal challenge is to survive a year with just the things I came with. Emergency clothes purchases should not go above $10.

Help me by following my blog and holding me accountable on this self-imposed challenge.

Timer starts now!


after 3 years

In the 3 years since I wrote last, I:

Realized I was in a wrong relationship,
and was as able to get out from that relationship (call it divine intervention)

Immensely enjoyed arts and crafts or any creative medium my hands can work on.

Tried to write again (we have a love-hate-love relationship)

Slowly setting foot in the kitchen.

Dated, fell in love and married my best friend.

Relocated to Canberra, gave up my career in Manila to be a devoted housewife =)

Am now working in this beautiful Asian-inspired shop.

Re-discovering the wonders of blogging.

Inspired by lifestyle/fashion bloggers to meld my love for the arts and talking (or writing in this instance).

Photos by Michelle Morelos and Jamie Lihan for Imaginenation

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